How best can you overcome procrastination?

Like a popular life coach and author Bryan Tracy would say eat that frog!!
What exactly have you been trying to get done?

1)One of the best solution to procrastination is writing down what you hope to achieve. .yes as simple as putting it down in black and white, one thing am sure of is that possibility of getting that thing done creeps in  even before you finish writing…
2)If it creeps in don’t drop that pen!!Keep writing out the possible solutions..
Make sure it’s realistic and time bound
3)Delegate if you have to…If it’s an organisation you might have to meet with your workers, tell them what you hope to achieve listen to their opinion that might be  the miracle you’ve been waiting for…
Get up today and do something..procrastination steals time…I hope this makes you conscious good morning!


What do you Need to do?

What do you need to do? Have you ever taught you’re in control of time? What do you need to do?..self discipline is doing the right thing at the right time whether or not it’s convenient…I ask again what do you need to do? Do you know you its possible we spend the whole day doing things that are not profitable? Yes!! It’s so possible….when you spend the whole day relaxing,,gisting watching television all of which is classified as low value activities…Am of the taught that there’s a thousand and one thing that’s always calling for our attention but we’ve allowed ourselves to be overwhelmed by this low value activities…No matter how difficult a task is once it’s written down it becomes solved half way! That’s the way to go!
So here’s how to do what you need to do…
1) set  a goal this goal must be SMART…meaning specific,measurable,achievable, realistic and time bond… I’d you’re worth 1000 you can’t earn a million in 2 days,hey little drops they say forms an ocean
2) Your pen and paper are the most important tools you as the taught creeps in please keep writing…
3) try to read your goals to yourself you never can tell when the idea of how to do will come..
4)Be deliberate start living a life that tends towards where you’re going…its not enough to wish take action…
If it worked for me, I am positive yours isn’t  different.. I have done what I need to do….


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